The Mozambican reality has shown that children are a more vulnerable social group due to the phenomena associated with the covid-19 pandemic, in addition to the physical and psychological violence they suffer, they are even more vulnerable to exploitation, sexual violations, premature unions, poverty and others. evils.

This information is contained in a Mozambican civil society report presented Wednesday (27.05) in Maputo by a group of non-governmental organizations that includes the Civil Society Learning and Training Center-CESC, Civil Society Forum for the Rights of the Child -ROSC and Foundation for Community Development-FDC.

Benilde Nhalivilo Executive Director ROSC points out that the need to improve the protection mechanisms of this social fabric, which represents about half of the Mozambican population.

“It is true that we are in the emergency period, they have the issue of confinement, but within that it is also necessary to take some measures and pay attention so that these children do not return to being victims of sexual violence, premature unions, sexual harassment. and early pregnancies. We have a recent case of a brother who got two girls pregnant by the way his sisters. This is just a sample of what can be happening in several homes across the country. So our concern is confinement, yes, but attention is needed protect this unprotected being “, said Nhalivilo.

The Civil Society report also recommends inclusive actions to protect children across the country.

“Maputo is not Mozambique, we are looking at children in Nangololo, Palma, Mocímboa da Praia, so we need to adapt this access to information, these teaching strategies to these groups and we also have children with disabilities who have stopped your attendance to physiotherapy and other issues because of confinement and our concern is confinement yes, but we will not make the situation of children worse, “points out the ROSC leader.

At the same meeting, members of civil society expressed concern about children in the regions affected by the armed attacks in the north of the country.


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