The ephemeris created in London in 1941, by the International Student Council (the current International Student Union), with delegates from 26 countries, marks a time of evolution for the student who embraces the social side and looks at politics in the background.

The Joaquim Chissano University set aside time this Tuesday for the celebrations of the international day of students, making the moment a space for joint reflection on the date.

Ana Maria Nhampule Vice-chancellor of the UJC, explained that today is a date that is celebrated internationally, symbolizing the celebration of a student action that took place during the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia.

“For several days the students revolted and tried to resist the Nazi occupation. Today the same movement is called the International Student Union and in Mozambique it is called the National Student Union (UNE) and each university has its student association, ”said Ana Maria.

Francisco Marcelo one of the students from that institution told our reporting team that this date is symbolic, but it is also a day to relive the efforts that students have made, as it is known that all changes are made by young people, young people who should look for help in the development of the country.

“This date is being celebrated at a time when the country as well as the world are being hit by the new coranavirus, a fact that we have difficulties in taking classes, other classes are divided, and we as students have to put our hands in conscience to see what we can do to help our country in this difficult time ”, said Francisco.

For his part, Kimo Caetano, President of the UJC Students ‘Association, stressed that it is necessary to value students’ rights, that is, it is necessary for colleges to create adequate conditions for quality teaching.

“It is necessary that students have specific places to develop research, so I believe that more than ever it is necessary for universities to rethink how to train quality staff and not only care about the number of staff, it is worth reinforcing that this association has two years, ”said KIMO.

World Student Day is celebrated on November 17, because in 1939 a group of students from the former Czechoslovakia fought heroically against the Nazi troops who were attacking the freedom of the people of this country. The country’s universities were closed in the early hours of November 17 and Nazi forces invaded the headquarters of the Central Federation of Czechoslovak Students, killing leaders and taking hundreds of students to concentration camps.


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