Renamo “fighters for democracy” demand resignation of Ossufo Momade

In a press conference, Ossufo Momade confirms that he is ready to accept the special status, and accuses the government of being responsible for the high number of positive cases of covid-19.

A group of members and supporters of the Mozambican National Resistance-RENAMO party, based in Chimoio, in the central Mozambican province of Manica, intends to oust the president of this party, Ossufo Momade, allegedly for being arrogant and incompetent to lead the destinies of what is the greatest force national politics in opposition.

These are members of the Municipal Assembly of Chimoio by the party of Perdiz, self-styled “Combatentes da Democracia”, which last May 23 called the press to show its discontent with the leadership of Ossufo Momade, elected during the fifth congress of that political formation in the Gorongosa mountain range, in Sofala, at the beginning of 2019.

According to the protesters, who feared possible reprisals by the faithful of Ossufo Momade, identified themselves as anonymous since their election. Meanwhile, the “Democracy Combatants” claim that the President of Renamo has been in meetings in the office of the President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, allegedly to discuss issues related to effective peace in the country, which is not having the desired effects for the achievement of that objective for the benefit of the Mozambican people.

“We, as the conservative cell of the RENAMO party, do not look favorably on the conversations that Ossufo Momade has with President Nyusi, and we consider that he is negotiating personal and neighborly benefits. For this reason, we demand his resignation as soon as possible because in order to remain in the leadership of this party we run the risk that in the 2024 elections, we will not have any deputies in the Assembly of the Republic, much less we will achieve satisfactory results in the municipal elections of 2023 ”, stressed the group. The same example exemplified the possible removal of Momade with Tabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma and Dilma Russef from the leadership of the respective parties in South Africa and Brazil respectively.

In another development, the contestants who said they were not supporters of the Military Junta led by Mariano Nyongo, proving the birth of yet another group that wants the current leader out of office. They accused Ossufo Momade of fomenting the political tension installed in the provinces of Manica and Sofala, in the face of his arrogance all because of his incompetence in conducting the process of Demobilization, Demilitarization and Reintegration-DDR of the party’s residual men.

“For example, last year, in the Sofala and Beira city delegations, we saw a problem of nothing that could even be solved by a post or district delegate, he was unable to solve it, because he was incompetent, so we are facing a arrogant and incompetent leader ”, he sentenced. However, until the end of this report, the possible reaction of the party was expected through its interim provincial delegate. When contacted, those responsible for that political formation informed the author of these lines that he is expected to comment during this week.

Ossufo Momade Will accept the special status of second most voted

In a press conference this Monday at the party headquarters in Maputo, the current leader of Renamo, Ossufo Momad confirmed the information that was already circulating that he will accept the special statute. “It is for the Mozambican people, inasmuch as the statute is not for Ossufo Momade, it is for all Mozambicans. To say when the Assembly of the Republic passed this law it was not for Ossufo, at that time I was not even leader of the party, so the party will decide. At no time will we say that, we will stop accepting what is foreseen in the law ”, justified the leader.

On that occasion, Ossufo Momade accused the government of being responsible for the high increase in positive cases in Covis-19. The source says the government was negligent in not following the recommendations given by Renamo when the situation was already worrying. “When we expected to stop this pandemic in our country, we are faced with a rampant increase in cases of contamination. This situation deeply concerns us and denounces the weakness of the preventive measures taken so far. The Mozambican authorities initially hesitated to take measures to fight hard, hindering by palliative measures later the measures were relaxed, and the consequence is this ”, said Momade.

The leader goes further by claiming that government officials have devalued his party’s suggestions in a timely manner that called for radical measures to be taken early in the spread. According to Renamo, the recommendations were based on the waxing of borders and the prohibition of international flights and the spread of prevention messages through megaphones used by the national election commission during the electoral campaign.

However, the party still denounces the lack of respect forprevention and unequal treatment of violators of established measures. “We continue to observe the disrespect, the culmination of which was the holding of a farewell party for the Director of Social Action of the City of Maputo, and although it was a fragrant crime, no one was arrested unlike other citizens who are detained just for being surprised to drink alcoholic beverages in public life, which represents two weights, two measures ”, explained Ossufo Momade.


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